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As a leader in payroll management, Innovative Payroll Services provides the tools to manage all of your company's payroll needs. Our robust payroll processing promises to deliver all the accuracy and ease expected in a payroll system along with many other valuable features and options.

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Innovative Payroll Services offers a time and labor management program that will increase the speed and accuracy of your payroll process. This service eliminates the risk of human error in preparing, calculating, filing and storing manual time cards.

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Platinum HRService

This product was designed with the mind set your human capital is your most valuable asset. So with that in mind we have an HR solution that is second to none and beneficial for any size company.

PlatinumHR features the following:

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HR SupportCenter

Innovative Payroll Services offers HR Support Center. This is your one-stop resource for employee management and HR-related workplace information. The HR Support Center provides current up to date guidance and knowledge in every aspect of Human Resources.

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Employee Navigator

Employee Navigator is transforming how brokers, HR and employees navigate benefits. Today's HR managers are being asked to do more with less. By using Employee Navigator, you can manage employees, deliver HR content and manage benefit enrollment ... all from one portal.

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My Recruiting center

My Recruiting Center is a service that assists in finding, tracking applicants, screening and hiring employees. This service also offers: Paperless Hiring (Onboarding).

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Welcome to Innovative Payroll Services

Payroll Services from IPS

Innovative Payroll Services was formed in 2006 with the intent to address the growing demand for top of the line payroll processing and personalized service. Since our inception our main priority has been to offer our clients access to a wide range of additional services to assist in their payroll tasks. We are SAS70 certified this means our practices are audited and documented regularly. This certification gives you, our client,  the security and confidence in knowing our payroll practices continue to meet industry standards. IPS operates Nationwide with main offices located in Southern New Jersey.

Your Trusted Payroll Partner

Our mission has always been to be " your trusted payroll partner."   What does that mean to you?  It means we, at IPS, want to share your payroll management with you. We are here to advise you, to keep you up to date with the most current HR and payroll information, as well as offer you the most state of the art technology and services.

Our seamless interfaces with Time and Attendance, Human Resource Services, Employment Screenings and our newest addition, Employee Navigator, have really set us apart in the payroll industry. We have spent alot of time conducting research and selecting our services, business affiliations and products with only our clients' needs in mind.  This allows us to present a cutting edge payroll platform that can be tailored to your specific needs. Our business model is sure to make IPS the only choice for outsourcing payroll and associated tasks.

 Please feel free to browse through our web site. You will find valuable information about all the services and products IPS has to offer you and your company. We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation. Our staff would welcome the opportunity to do business with you and your company.  We don't want to just run your payroll:: we want to forge a long lasting business relationship and assist you in all aspects of your payroll management. We want to be "your trusted payroll partner." 


Did You Know...

IPS has live attendants answering your calls every day during business hours

IPS is dedicated to providing you the very best customer service

IPS has employed a team of professionals with years of payroll experience

IPS has a biweekly newsletter filled with valuable information

IPS is a member of the IPPA - Independent Payroll Providers Assoc

IPS is SAS70 certified

Platinum HR

We understand that your employees are the most important asset in your company. IPS can provide you resources to manage your human resource requirements. 

Did you know ...

with HR Support Center you can:

Obtain all necessary FMLA posters

Get help with employee handbooks

Have access to a library of HR related information

Did you know ...

By eliminating the time that is required to manually total time card data, the cost of human error, and the large expense associated with employee time theft, our simple and affordable solution is an excellent investment for any company.

Our products and services are reasonably priced because we understand that there is a need for a cost-effective time and attendance service. We offer proven brand-name equipment, FREE upgrades, and FREE daily e-mail reports.

Benefits of

IPS is proud to partner with

By utilizing your employees have access to over 50,000 name brand quality products.
Below are just some of the benefits for your employees:  

  • Your employees can pick 4,8,16 or 26 payments ( depending on the payroll frequency )
  • No interest or fees are charged 
  • No credit checks to qualify

Employee Navigator

Did you know that by using Employee Navigator

you can :

  •  Access HR data & reports easily
  •  Easily manage your HR content
  •  Reduce corporate liabilities
  •  Free mobile apps for employees & HR
  •  Improve management visibility
  •  Improve communication with employees
  •  Accurately report payroll deductions 
  •  Reconcile carrier bills faster


What is Act 32?

Act 32 is a law that reforms and standardizes the local earned income tax system. The appointment of collection responsibility falls on countywide committees made up of representatives from local municipalities and school districts. The committees established tax collection districts and elected tax officers to collect the Earned Income Tax (EIT).

Act 32 requires uniform withholding of earned income taxes and remittance to a single local collector or Tax Officer. The Act applies to the earned income taxes levied and collected after December 31, 2011.

Employers must begin to withhold the local EIT from employees on January 1, 2012. Appointed tax officers start collecting the EIT on January 1, 2012, unless the tax collection district has opted for early implementation.

***Employers are required to obtain information in the Residency Certification Form for every employee.***

How to find EIT rates and PSD Codes?

To determine EIT rates, PSD Codes, and tax collector/officer contact information, use the Address Search.

Does Act 32 apply to me as an Employer?

  • Do you have employees who live and work in PA?  - As an employer, you must compare the total resident vs. non-resident EIT rates for each employee, withhold the higher of the two and send it to the tax collector of the work address (standard Act 32 rules; the Residency Certification Form applies).
  • Do you have employees who live in PA but work outside of PA? - As an employer you are not obligated to withhold the employees’ home EIT rates, but would be obligated to withhold any local taxes at the work location, if any. The Residency Certification Form does not apply.
  • Do you have employees who work in PA but live outside PA? - As an employer, you are obligated to withhold local taxes at the work address and send them to the local tax collector. The Residency Certification Form applies.
I have employees that live and/or work in Philadelphia. Does Act 32 apply to them?

  • Do you have employees that live and work in Philadelphia? -  Current Philadelphia withholding rules apply.
  • Do you have employees that work in Philadelphia, but live outside of Philadelphia? - Current Philadelphia withholding rules apply.
  • Do you have employees that live in Philadelphia, but work in PA outside of Philadelphia? - Act 32 (and the Residency Certification Form) applies.

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Defined Retirement Plans

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Workers Compensation

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